Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sad Driving Story

Just thought I would share this story with all of you. This is a true story about a young girl named Jenny. Makes you think.

On the first day at her new school, Jenny felt everything went great. She made new friends and even got a date. She thought to herself, "I wan't to be popular and I'm going to be, because I just got a date with the star of the team." To be known in this school you have to have clout, and dating this guy would sure help out. There was only one problem stopping her fate, her parents had said she was too young to date. With that in mind, Jenny decided to lie to her parents. She asked her parents if she would be able to stay the night at her friends house. Her parents agreed. Excited, she got ready for her big event, but she began to feel guilty about the lie she had told her parents. But she said to herself oh well, It's only a party and a moonlight ride with her new boyfriend. So Jenny went with her new boyfriend Jeff. After the party Jeff was drunk, and decided to take Jenny home after a little ride. In the car, Jeff tried to make a pass at Jenny. Jenny did not want that at all, and asked for Jeff to take her straight home. Jeff drove off fit with anger. He accelerated his car, and contiued to go faster. Jennt begged him to slow down, but he wouldn't listen. Then all of a sudden she saw a big flash, and prayed to god they would not crash. She didn't even remember the force of the impact, everything went black. She heard voices and knew there were two cars involved in the wreck. She awoke in the hospital to faces so sad. They told her she was in a wreck and it looks pretty bad. These voices echoed inside her head, as they gently told her Jeff was dead. They said Jenny "we've done all we can do, but it looks as if we'll lose you too. Jenny asked about the people in the other car. They told her they also died. Jenny asked for them to appoligize to the family of the people in the other car, and stated she only wanted to have one night of fun. She asked the nurse to tell her mom and dad she is sorry she lied. The nurse just stood there and did not agree. She took Jenny's hand with tears in her eyes,,,and a few minutes later Jenny died. A man asked the nurse why she did agrree to the young girls last request. The nurse looked sadly at the man,,,and said the other people in the wreck were her mom and dad.Sad dr